Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Lots of Suffering

There are a couple of graphic things described in these phone calls. They are blacked out below. To read them highlight them with your mouse. Also, I have listed the corresponding times from the audio so that you can skip them if you want to.
  • Graphic (0:28 to 1:28) - When they were on their walk last night some of the men saw a woman's head in the rubble. Laura did not see it. It is so upsetting. This is why these people are suffering mentally.
  • Laura stayed at the church again today. Saw about 120 patients today.
  • Call cut off.
  • Laura could not sleep last night. She is worried about another aftershock and all of the suffering.
  • A lot of the people that are coming through the clinic can't sleep and they have stomach pain. They are giving the patients with stomach pain a pill for worms.
  • Everyone in Laura's group is going to take the pill for worms before they come home.
  • A kid brought his grandmother in because she can't sleep and she is yelling out. Laura knows a little bit how she feels. Laura felt a connection with her. (Listen to the recording from 2:06 to 3:30 to understand this.)
  • The baby that they gave the formula to on Sunday came in. The mom was worried about him but he is doing good. The baby was wearing the clothing from one of newborn kits like the ones that David made for his Eagle project.
  • Laura says that she wants to adopt a couple of these kids. She means that she wants to send them money not bring them home. She said that she would adopt a baby if there were no parents and I told her "don't even think about it."
  • The doctors repaired a hernia on a baby.
  • Surgeons removed 4 liters of fluid from a woman that had an ovarian cyst.
  • There was a lady from a place by the ocean that had pneumonia and a heart rate of 150. They gave her IV fluid and antibiotics
  • Graphic (8:55 to 11:48): There was 12 year old girl that came in that has no parents and is living in a tent with her grandmother. She had been raped. She denied that anything had happened to her. They told her to find someone to talk to about but she continued to deny it.
  • The Woman at the church made a really good dinner. Laura is not eating the food that she brought. Dinner was Fried chicken and rice and peas with a red sauce made with onions and carrots. They also had fried plantains and cabbage with jalapenos.
  • After dinner Laura took a shower and then she was just walking around everybody in her night gown.
  • The roads are really bad with lots of pot holes. They are worse than our trails. There are no lanes. Cars, Motorcycles, bikes, and people all mixed together. Lots of honking.
  • She hopes that she can sleep tonight.
  • Tomorrow night they are going to have a get together so that people can talk about what they have been through.

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