Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thurday in Léogâne

  • Laura slept really good last night. There was a dog that was barking a lot.
  • Laura met Chuck's friend Edgar. She found out about their inside joke about the word "thunder". She took a picture with him.
  • There is a guy that has a watch that he things belongs to Chuck. (I found out that the watch does not belong to Chuck. It belongs to some one that was there with Chuck.)
  • Today again lots of people with stomach ache and can't sleep. There were also lots of women with UTIs and yeast infections.
  • There was a girl with no family that is about 13 that was brought in. She had a fever of 108° and had pneumonia. The nurse's tried to get an IV in her. It was very difficult and she was screaming. Eventually an anesthesiologist got the IV in. They cared for her throughout the day and got her temperature down to 102°.
  • After they were done seeing patients they went to the market. There were live chickens and live pigs in the market.
  • In the evening they had a get together with the locals Haitians.
  • They played musical chairs. Some guy named Dustin broke a chair when he sat on it.
  • Then they had a pop drinking contest where they had do hold the container with their teeth.
  • Some people sang.
  • They had some challenges where people would do something and then see if someone else could do it.
  • A Haitian couple performed ballroom dancing.
  • Some people did a skit where one guy would sneakily drink the other guys water.
  • They had a dance. Laura danced with a really nice Haitian guy.
  • After the fun the bishop asked if anyone wanted to talk about what they had gone through. One man told about losing his 11 year old daughter. When he was able to get to his house he found that it had been destroyed. His wife and his other child(ren) were at the church. He searched all of the hospitals for the missing daughter and eventually someone found and identified her body.
  • The bishop told about how one of his counselors had lost his wife that was pregnant. He is now raising 3 boys by himself.
  • The bishop said that the death toll would have been higher if everybody from around the world had not come to help. He thanked everyone for all that they had done this week.
  • Some of Laura's group are leaving in the morning and the rest are staying one more day.
  • There is a boy that lost everyone in his family. Laura is going to give her tent to him when she leaves.
  • They were playing the song "Heal the World" and people were taking pictures and saying goodbye.
  • On Friday they might go to Jacmel for part of the day.
  • A lot of the local people are planning on leaving the church grounds on Saturday. Many of them are going to move far away to live with extended family members that have homes that were not damaged by the earthquake.
  • Call cut off.

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