Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Mosquito Bites, Sunburn, Diarrhea, and Aftershock

  • Laura has 6 mosquito bites on arm her and a few on legs. She put insect repellent on thicker today and did not get any more bites.
  • She got sunburned yesterday.
  • Woke up at 3:30am with diarrhea cramps. Barely made it to the bathroom. Taking Cipro. The whole group has diarrhea.
  • Laura went back to bed and then an aftershock hit. Sounded like thunder or a train. Lasted about 4 seconds. Laura's first reaction was to put her contacts in and get dressed. When she tried to put her contacts in she realized she was scared because her hands were shaking. Everybody was awake and talking. Some people were crying. A Dog was barking. After a while everybody went back to bed. Laura moved her tent farther away from the fence.
  • Woke up and ate breakfast about 6:30. Helped organize the church into a clinic.
  • Went up into the mountains with Dianne, an ER doctor, the photographer with the broken ankle, and they were joined by a Canadian doctor and nurse and a Haitian nurse.
  • It was cooler and windy. The wind was blowing everything around. They were working on the porch of a hose of the leader of a church that had collapsed. The house is not safe to live in. She said that she was prepared to run off of the porch if she heard any rumblings.
  • They were driven to where they were working by a young man. He was playing "loud teenager music" in his car. It took about two hours to get there because there was a traffic jam where a tap tap got wedged up against another truck. It took about 45 minutes to get back to the church.
  • It was very beautiful. It looks like Hawaii.
  • They were handing out lot of medications.
  • The ER doctor went up the mountain and found a woman with a femur fracture that had not had any medical care since the earthquake. Her family brought her down on a make shift stretcher and they are arranging for her to have surgery tomorrow.
  • The photographer with the broken ankle was taking pictures in a church that was being used as a clinic and a guy with a machete was offended. He and some other guys pushed her into a corner but she managed to talk her way out of harm. She was speaking French and Spanish. Nobody wants to tell Illens about it because he will be really upset.
  • Call cut off.
  • Back at the clinic at the church in town they saw a lot of people with Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome.
  • There are lots of teenagers that are now raising siblings, cousins, nieces and nephews.
  • They treated a girl with a back injury
  • There was a cast that was removed and when the cast had been put on there had not been time to clean the arm so it was really dirty inside
  • A lady showed up that had just given birth to premature twins. She showed up at the church in a tap tap.
  • In the clinic they saw 180 people. They had written numbers on peoples hands to keep track of who to see next.
  • After the aftershock Laura noticed that there was a lady sleeping on the concrete with just a thin sheet under her. A lot of them have mattresses from their houses. Laura is going to give her one of her pads and give her other pad away when she comes home.

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