Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More aftershocks, lots of surgeries and depression, scabies

  • Last night there were 3 more aftershocks. Laura slept through two of them.
  • Last night some kids were asking her for candy but the word that they were using sounded like cigarettes. She told them no but eventually a translator told her what they were asking for.
  • Today Laura stayed at the church clinic. It was not as busy as yesterday. Laura mostly took vitals and got people ready to see the doctors.
  • A woman came in that had miscarried at 14 weeks. The doctors performed a D&C on her.
  • A man came in with elephantiasis. (Do not do a Google image search for this.) Doctors had to castrate him.
  • Doctors did lots of surgeries that people have needed for a long time.
  • Lots of really depressed people came to the clinic. One pregnant lady was brought in that had been found laying in a gutter. She had given up on life.
  • Another kid came in that was depressed because all his friends and family had been killed. He was also septic, had low blood pressure, a fever, and was diagnosed with malaria.
  • The neurologist that is treating people is concerned that the people will turn to alcohol. She is going to try to train somebody to run a support group.
  • There is a local Haitian doctor that came in for depression. Her clinic was destroyed and now she has no job. None of the other groups have let her help. They let her help and she was very happy.
  • The bishop wants them to have a meeting with all the local people before they leave. And he wants them to do something recreational to help lift their spirits.
  • Laura has scabies. She is really sad. She thought that she had mosquito bites. Four of the doctors also have it. When the doctor told her she had scabies she did not want to believe him and he said to her "you are being the kind of patient that isn't hearing what they need to hear". They gave her some cream that she has to put on her whole body and in her hair for 12 hours. And Tommy Gun is going to try and find her an oral medicine.
  • On the day they go home they are all going to take a pill to kill worms.
  • Everyone is being positive and they realize the problems they are having are minor compared to what the Haitians are going through.
  • They went on a walk with a local Haitian that had served a church mission in Boston. He was pointing out to them places people that he knew that had died used to live. So many people have died. And yet when you walk down the streets most people seem happy. The people are so strong.

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