Sunday, February 21, 2010

Sunday in Léogâne

Laura called twice today. Both times on the satellite phone. Sometimes it is a little hard to understand what she is saying. She gave me lots of detail about what she is doing there.
  1. Someone found a watch that Chuck left and he wants to have Laura bring it back to Chuck. He is also going to find Edgar.
  2. Laura told the orthopedic surgeon about a little girl with a broken arm that Chuck said needs follow up and the surgeon and the bishop said they will find her.
  3. Dinner Saturday night was rice with a little bit of ham and some garlic to flavor it.
  4. They have a men and womens shower that is a tarp and a hose. The water was cold.
  5. It is humid
  6. Went to bed at 11pm and lots of people stayed was up having fun. The 'partying' ended at around 1am.
  7. It is hot and so she left the tent open. I told her to put her mosquito net in the door of the tent.
  8. Went to church Sunday morning. The people are amazing in dealing with tragedy.
  9. Relief Society lesson was about the Holy Ghost and how you have to be righteous to have the peace and happiness that you get from the Holy Ghost.
  10. Took care of babies and so did not pay very good attention in Sunday School.
  11. Sacrament Meeting first speaker was teenage girl that talked about being grateful for blessings.
  12. Everybody is happy and getting along. They keep the church very clean. There have not been the bad smells that Laura heard would be there.
  13. Mens shirts were perfectly clean and ironed for church.
  14. After church took pictures of families, babies, young men, and young women.
  15. A young boy named Melinski (sp?) said that his mother needed formula for her baby.
  16. The little boy took Laura and some others to find the Mom. The Mom was dehydrated and so had no breast milk. The mom previously had some formula but she had run out. Laura did not have any more formula so they went to look for more.
  17. They went to a tent hospital that did not have any formula. They got a tour of the tent hospital and were told that they needed more nurses.
  18. Then they went to a building that previously was used for health education. The building is now being used as a hospital. There was some formula available and also a doctor from there went and checked on the baby. The baby is doing well.
  19. Living situation is very sad. Just sticks and a tarp.
  20. Laura almost walked into an area that might not have been safe and the little boy that had brought them to check on the baby grabbed her arm and told her "No"
  21. When she was setting up her tent the little boys
  22. The Mango tree that Chuck planted 20 years ago is amazing. The tree is feeding a lot of people that are living at the church. Laura ate one, it was the best mango she ever had.
  23. The bishop is so amazing how calm he is and how well he takes care of everyone.
  24. The photographer/writer that broke her collar bone also probably now has a broken ankle. Laura gave her a shot of toradol.
  25. Another guy in the group has had problems with kidney stones and because there is not a lot of water he passed a kidney stone this morning. Laura also gave him toradol.
  26. All the different organization are working together.
  27. Laura is worried that she is not remembering enough details.
  28. I told her about an email from Chuck that said that the team that there with him is praying for the ward members there.
  29. Illens spoke in sacrament meeting about how loving the people were to him when he served there as a missionary. His wife is a nurse and is there on the team with them.
  1. There is a lady named Frances that knows Mellisa Hatch Charters and laura wants her to say hi to Melissa.
  2. Laura put her on the phone she spoke some English and some Creole.
  3. Laura told me they had a fireside. The first had a talk on service. Illens spoke on obedience. The last speaker was the bishop. He had one son killed in the earthquake and his wife and other son have gone to the Dominican Republic. In his talk he said not to ask why we have trials. He said that trials are to help us grow.
  4. Tomorrow Laura, Dianne, a Doctor, and an Interpreter are going to go out into the tents to help people.
  5. They were told to always double glove.
  6. They are going to make sure they have enough water tomorrow.
  7. Laura is going to bed soon but it appears that is is going to be party time again.

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